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Reason: CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ missing

Hi, I'm receiving this message while calling the api. Can you give me a contact on which i can give you the top-level domain where the requests to your api will come from? Regards, Petar

What are the steps to Sync with Outlook from Shift planning.

Authentication Failed - You do not have permissions to access the service

Hi, I am writing a windows application and tries to upload time clock data, I am admin of my account. I am not sure if credentials matter while generating tokens and based on tokens you can interpret permissions. But anyhow, I used admin credentials to generate token and then use that token while uploading data and keep getting this "Authentication Failed error". I added a new app in my account and use their app id and secret id. I am not sure if name of app matters with name of my windows application. Same exception occurs if I try to use this method https://www.humanity.com/api/v2/timeclock/addclocktime You can find the screenshot of my postman request here https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuCr-YEWkmWUirJzTto7_LOB9sjVeQ

Rate Limits

Hello, First, does Humanity publish its API V2 rate limits anywhere, or is there a way to find out what those are? If not, can you please answer the following questions: - When using one "master" group account with multiple child group accounts, are rate limits shared (assuming "Group API Access" is enabled)? - If we had, for example, 19 child accounts and we sent one GET request to all 20 group accounts (from a single API V2 application using Group API Access), would that trigger the rate limit? - If we created separate API V2 applications in each child account, would they all have independent rate limits (i.e. not using Group API Access)?

Absolute Simplest Way to Set Up Basic API

I've created an Application while going through the tutorial. I have an App ID. I have an App Secret Token. How am I supposed to develop a redirect URL (URI)? Request authorization code by using POST method on: https://www.humanity.com/oauth2/token.php {"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"The request method must be POST when requesting an access token","error_uri":"http:\/\/tools.ietf.org\/html\/rfc6749#section-3.2"} Where can I set up POST? Is there some sample code somewhere that I can custom tailor for my companies needs?

Integrate with Salesforce

HI, Do you have example of how to integrate with salesforce? Thanks Ram

Integration with Power BI

Hello, I'm developing a reporting solution for a client using Power BI and would like to know if there's a connector with Humanity. If not, any suggestions or ideas about how to get started? I'm new to Humanity. Thank you.

Is there REST example to get access token using API?

HI, Can you provide sample code to get access token and refresh token using API. Thanks Ram

Documentation on GET Shifts

Can someone elaborate on what filters work with each mode for GET Shifts? For example, the 'filled' filter, what is that for and which modes can I use it with?

Token Authentication v1.0 using Postman

When I submit a POST to url: https://www.humanity.com/api/ Parameters: None Authorization: None Headers: None Body: Raw JSON: { "key": "my key", "module": "staff.login", "method": "GET", "username": "my username", "password": "my pw" } All I get is an error (Unexpected '<'). Am I missing something? Or is my setup incorrect? Appreciate the help!