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Employees endpoint returns all employees even when filtered

Calls to this endpoint are returning every employee despite us providing a valid location: <https://www.humanity.com/api/v2/employees?location=171994> We also found the same behaviour on the v1 API: <https://platform.humanity.com/v1.0/reference/staffemployees> We believe this may have broken in the last few days, but in any case we need to know how to filter this call based on location parameter.

Authentication without user/password

Hi. Is there a way to authenticate without user/password? My company needs to ingest Humanity data but the authentication is by OKTA and can't enable user/pass for security reasons. Thanks.

API Create Shift Series

The documentation on creating shifts doesn't go into how to repeat shifts/add them to a series <https://platform.humanity.com/reference/post-shift> while this is possible in the frontend. Please advise.

Report integration with Google sheet

Hi, I am trying to integrate reports from Humanity to Google sheet to get the real time data, I am assuming I have to integrate this through the API. Would it be possible to guide me on this, as I am fairly new to APIs. Thanks

Get Shifts pagination

Hi folks, So this might be a dumb question, but i really could not find my answer anywhere. I am having an issue with pagination on Get Shifts endpoint: <https://platform.humanity.com/reference/get-shifts> I am getting only 100 results both for vacations and shifts. I am using BambooHR integration for vacation data, while shifts are being generated on Humanity. If anyone can provide some help, that will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Employee GET request to have a query parameter by email

Do you have it on the roadmap to have Employee GET request to have a query parameter by email?

Shifts and leaves in one API call

Hello folks, So i was wondering if there is a way to get both shifts and leaves for a specific week off of ShiftPlanning in a single API call? I need to create report which will include regular shifts and leaves(vacations) but somehow i cannot find that endpoint which would do, tried with various endpoints and looped through each parameter but it wont do. Please let me know if this is even possible. Thank you!

How do I get information about multiple employees by their id?

I need to fetch this info in one API call. This API works for me ( <https://www.humanity.com/api/v2/employees/{id}>), however I have to make multiple calls which takes a lot of time to fetch all the information. How do I fetch all in single API call? Also, is there a way just to fetch one or two fields from employee information. For eg, I just need the unique_id field, but I have to fetch the whole information which again takes lot of time if there are like 10 employees.

My question is that please how do I be part of humanity as employee and how how will I apply for it and how do I get access to my app

please I need small light about humanity and how will I be part of it and part of their employees please someone should help me and I want to get access to my app in my state


Is there a sandbox/test environment that is accessible to test API commands without affecting our production site data?