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Shifts and leaves in one API call

Hello folks, So i was wondering if there is a way to get both shifts and leaves for a specific week off of ShiftPlanning in a single API call? I need to create report which will include regular shifts and leaves(vacations) but somehow i cannot find that endpoint which would do, tried with various endpoints and looped through each parameter but it wont do. Please let me know if this is even possible. Thank you!

How do I get information about multiple employees by their id?

I need to fetch this info in one API call. This API works for me ( <https://www.humanity.com/api/v2/employees/{id}>), however I have to make multiple calls which takes a lot of time to fetch all the information. How do I fetch all in single API call? Also, is there a way just to fetch one or two fields from employee information. For eg, I just need the unique_id field, but I have to fetch the whole information which again takes lot of time if there are like 10 employees.

My question is that please how do I be part of humanity as employee and how how will I apply for it and how do I get access to my app

please I need small light about humanity and how will I be part of it and part of their employees please someone should help me and I want to get access to my app in my state


Is there a sandbox/test environment that is accessible to test API commands without affecting our production site data?

All Leaves Data

Hello, I was trying to pull all leaves, pending and not pending, and it seems like i'm only getting approved leaves. Unless every request has an 'approved_on' value assigned regardless of pending or not. I've already tried the different parameters, "requested, all_requested, upcoming, and manager" but they all seem to return the same data, and looking at the Humanity app itself I see pending requests that I can't find in the data provided by the API.

Access Token Creation via API expiry time

1. What is the unit of expiry_at for Access Token Creation via API expiry time? is it seconds? 2. Can access token expiry be longer? Like 14 days just like created via dashboard?

Running Post Shift & Get Publish not working properly

We are currently doing an integration into Humanity but it appears that the publish API is temperamental. At times it does it properly so when you go into the UI the Publish button is greyed out and at other times it has the "Update & Publish" button clickable. This is causing a lot of major issues downstream. Any advice on how to deal with this issue?

Disabling user and clear/unassign from all shifts

Using PUT Employee and saw removeschedule, however we are not utilizing schedules. Is there a way to remove a user from any/all assigned shifts when they are disabled/deactivated through the API?

Total Cost Of This Week

We can't find any proper API the will return Total Cost of the week Lite this report showing Payroll -> Scheduled Hours ->ThisWeek-> Location = Wilsonville Total Cost

How do I access my Humanity account?

I have been trying to log on to my Humanity account but I always get a "403 Error" or a "could not get a response from server" message. I tried using different laptops, and even uninstalled-then-reinstalled the mobile app on my phone, but still the same issue. I urgently need to access my account. Please help. Thank you!