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Broken Oauth

The tokens returned by the oauth endpoint are not working. Here's my example curl request: Oauth request: curl --location 'https://www.humanity.com/oauth2/token.php' \ --header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \ --data-urlencode 'client_id=ac17a5e7440f7bea3fcfaae5b9054200eb269aa7' \ --data-urlencode 'client_secret=ae63a59372d4f10e2cc41c3164f887bae03c3442' \ --data-urlencode 'grant_type=password' \ --data-urlencode '[email protected]' \ --data-urlencode 'password=************' Response: {"access_token":"8787ef2fc6732f3f10afd7fbabf50d55c79e6dd0","expires_in":3600,"token_type":"Bearer","scope":null,"refresh_token":"33997ce5179f89c0f5c455fa3a77aee8a931f17d"} Request to /shifts using the access_token from the above response: curl --location "https://www.humanity.com/api/v2/shifts?access_token=8787ef2fc6732f3f10afd7fbabf50d55c79e6dd0&end_date=2023-03-04&start_date=2023-03-03 Response: {"status":20,"data":"Incorrect Permissions - You don't have the proper permissions to access this","error":"This account is not activated.","token":"8787ef2fc6732f3f10afd7fbabf50d55c79e6dd0"}

Is there an API for updating task start and end times?

Is there a way to use the API to track sub-shift time blocks? I believe tasks are the way to handle this, but I did not see an API reference to tasks.

Ability to limit fields returned by a given query

There is a lot of extraneous data returned for many of the API endpoints. It would be great if there was something like a `fields` parameter to scope the specific fields returned. Ex: If I need to programmatically pull the shifts for users with a specific email domain, I first need to query all users. Each user contains 44 individual keys/names many of which are empty. If I have 100 users, I have to parse 4,312 keypairs that I do not need. Then, while iterating shifts, I need to parse 42 individual keys/names. I may only be interested in a handful of these fields across thousands of records, meaning there are tens of thousands of unnecessary keypairs being returned.

POST Request To Change Availability Restrict Option

Hi, I am looking for a solution via API to check/uncheck the option under the setting for "Restrict Employees from adding, editing, and deleting their unavailability" Can this action be implemented via API call? Thanks

How to incorporate the humanity platform into the website

I hope everything is going well for everyone, and I would like to incorporate platform humanity into my website. In order for site visitors to be able to access platform humanity through my website. Please let me know if I am capable of doing this.

confluence + Humanity shift rota intergration

Looking to integrate a shift rota into a confluence page, I know I can add iframes onto a page, but not sure if I will need an API, any help with this would be fab!

Shift History on API

Is it possible to get the information about the Shift History on the API? I am especially interested in the information when a shift has this history event "Employee Removed from Shift by Admin".

How to add dialogue box on my website?

I just want to add a dialogue on my website, which is related to Shein Order Tracking so that our representatives can discuss their issues with us instead of using third-party apps. <a href="https://www.thecouriertracker.com/shein-order-tracking/">Shein Order Tracking</a>

Integration with EMR(Electronics Medical Record) Application

Dear Team, We would like to integrate the EMR application with Humanity. It would be a one way message transfer from humanity to EMR Application and not other way. So Basically we want to sync the schedules of doctor from humanity to our EMR application. On EMR they want to receive Staff Name, ID and License Number, Start and End Date of the Leave. Weekly offs. Please note that some employees have their weekly off on other days of the week depending on their availabilities. Can you please let us know the pricings for the integrations and the possibility of the above integrations. Thanks Hashim +971582882669

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