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How do I integrate humanity on my website?

Hi there, I want to integrate humanity on to my [website](https://wetrackcourier.com/saia-tracking/). Which will enable the customers to access humanity platform seamlessly from the site. Can some one let me know how to do that?

different response formats in messages>receivers>individuals

Messages endpoint, the example in the docs state the receivers>individuals is supposed to be an array of strings. When querying however, it is returning a mix of string arrays and keyvaluepair objects. "individuals": [ "######", "######" ] "individuals": { "0": "######", "1": "######", "2": "######", "3": "######" } What's the difference between these two response types?

How to access the project attached to a subrental

Hi There, If we have a subrental that is attached to a project, how can we use the API to get the project for a given subrental ID? Thanks, - Kye

New Shift Planning repeat option available via API?

If you repeat a shift through New Shift Planning interface, it shows: "Every week on Monday until 02/01/2024" Trying to repeat shifts weekly via the API. repeat: 7 (weekly) repeat_until: 2024-02-01 repeats_staff: 2 (with employees) The shift is repeated, but New Shift Planning just shows "Repeat Options" and is greyed out instead of providing any details. The same happens if I create the repeat through Legacy Shift Planning. Legacy Shift Planning Shows Repeats 5 times [Weekly] for the ones created through API and Legacy Shift Planning. I did notice that legacy shift planning shows Repeats 5 times [ Weekly *new ] instead of Repeats 5 times [Weekly] on, so it seems like a new repeat option was added in New Shift Planning. Is that new repeat option available through the API? Also checking with support to see why it isn't displaying the legacy options in new SP.

report showing open shifts, and who bid on what

Hello, I understand there currently is no report showing open shifts, and what staff members bid on what shift. This information, along with the ability to analyze and summarize "counts" would be valuable for supervisors in my group to determine who "wins" each open shift. Outside of waiting for a feature request to be fulfilled, could this information be obtained through API access? If so, could we take this further and make changes over API? Thank you

Is there another API simialr to api/v2/employees/unique_id/{uniqueId}?

Hi I have been using the above API. However for some of our employees, I found that this field was null. So I was wondering if there is a way to fetch the employee details based on username field? Also, I don't see the above API to be documented anywhere.

Authentication without user/password

Hi. Is there a way to authenticate without user/password? My company needs to ingest Humanity data but the authentication is by OKTA and can't enable user/pass for security reasons. Thanks.

API Create Shift Series

The documentation on creating shifts doesn't go into how to repeat shifts/add them to a series <https://platform.humanity.com/reference/post-shift> while this is possible in the frontend. Please advise.

Report integration with Google sheet

Hi, I am trying to integrate reports from Humanity to Google sheet to get the real time data, I am assuming I have to integrate this through the API. Would it be possible to guide me on this, as I am fairly new to APIs. Thanks

Get Shifts pagination

Hi folks, So this might be a dumb question, but i really could not find my answer anywhere. I am having an issue with pagination on Get Shifts endpoint: <https://platform.humanity.com/reference/get-shifts> I am getting only 100 results both for vacations and shifts. I am using BambooHR integration for vacation data, while shifts are being generated on Humanity. If anyone can provide some help, that will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!