Getting Started with Humanity v1 Public API


The Humanity API allows you to call modules with the Humanity service that respond in REST style JSON or XML. Individual modules and their properties are detailed in the menu on the left.

The API V1 documentation is located at

The Humanity REST API isn't your typical REST API in the way that it doesn't rely on different HTTP request methods to handle different types of requests. Instead we've decided to KISS and use only POST, and to simply pass the desired method along with the variables for the request itself (which by the way are all formatted in JSON).

This has a number of advantages and will make your life easier when working with our API as:

  • There is no need to switch between different HTTP request modes in your application
  • You can convert your data straight to JSON in whatever language you are using
  • Our 'Method' names are a bit more intuitive (GET, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE)
  • You can make multiple requests with one call to the API


  • Register
    You'll need to register with us to get a developer key.
  • Encoding
    Always use UTF-8 encoding when interacting with the Humanity API
  • Authentication
    Virtually all modules in our API require authentication. Authentication exchanges a username & password in exchange for a token to be used on all subsequent requests.
  • Rest Requests
    Learn all you need to know about how we structure our REST Requests as well as what type of data formats we return.
  • Response Codes
    All modules in our API will return the same Response Codes as well request specific response data to make debugging fast.
  • Discussions / Support
    Join the Discussion Forum to discuss development with other developers or to ask questions to members of our team.
  • Terms of Service
    All Developers must agree to the API Terms of Service